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Photovoltaic Systems Energy is supplied by the sun, MOON takes care of the rest

We offer customized solutions from a size of min. 50 kWp, which are optimally adapted to your requirements and needs. From the site inspection, planning and installation to commissioning, MOON is your reliable partner.

With a photovoltaic system, you can generate environmentally friendly solar power yourself for charging your electric vehicles: solar cells are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy, more precisely direct current (DC). However, direct current can only be stored in a battery storage system, but cannot be fed into the grid or consumed directly. For this, it must first be converted into alternating current (AC). This is done by an inverter.

Although the sun does not shine every day, a photovoltaic system is still worthwhile because even when the sky is overcast, a small amount of electricity is still supplied.


The advantages of a PV system at a glance: 
  • Greater independence from fossil raw materials of conventional energy sources (prices rise, resources decline).

  • Sustainability! You make a great contribution to the environment.

  • Electricity production without intermediate steps, pollutants and noise

  • In the long run: lower electricity costs


What is photovoltaic?

Photovoltaics describes the conversion of the energy contained in sunlight into electric current. This is done by releasing electrons from so-called semiconductors, such as silicon.

Sunlight strikes the earth's surface on a summer sunny day with an average energy of about 1,000 - 1,300 watts per m2. This energy can be harnessed by a PV system. This means for you: You can take over a part of your power supply yourself with your own PV system.

What does it take to generate electricity from solar energy?

To take over a part of your power supply yourself you need a small selection of devices and services to make the solar energy also usable. These are:

  • PV plant
  • Inverter
  • Wiring
  • Mounting
  • Energy management system


What is an inverter?

A photovoltaic system supplies electricity by releasing electrons - this is direct current (DC). Since our power grid and your home's power supply is based on alternating current (AC), this direct current must be converted into alternating current. This task is performed by your inverter.

And what an energy management system?

The reason for the acquisition of a PV system is usually primarily the desire to be able to cover one's own electricity needs. So that the electricity knows when and where it is needed, an energy management system is required. The system is connected to the inverter and communicates with it. Likewise, the energy management system is connected to the distribution box of your house and recognizes when and where the electricity is needed and that in real time.

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How to get MOON photovoltaic Photovoltaic system for your company

What does MOON POWER offer?

  • Completely equipped and ready to use photovoltaic systems with the following components: Modules, inverters, substructures, as well as optimizers.
  • Tailor-made solutions (from a size of min. 50 kWp) adapted to your needs
  • Expert advice and support during planning and installation
  • No own technical expertise required
  • Long-term electricity cost savings and environmental relief

How does the implementation work?

1.) Request consultation - Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

2.) Inspection and discussion - Together we clarify the most important points with you

3.) Quotation - We will make you an offer for your PV project 

4.) Ordering - We will be pleased to receive your order

5.) Permits and submissions - Our experts will take care of the necessary documents

6.) Installation - The PV systems are delivered and set up

7.) Commissioning - The PV system is tested and you can use the system


How do I get to my MOON PV system?

Simply fill out the consultation form and one of our experts will contact you. Together with you, MOON POWER will develop the right photovoltaic solution for your project.

MOONSpection PV-Service

MOON offers you a thermal drone inspection of commissioned photovoltaic systems. Find damage to the plant and thus use the full POWER of the sun.

Financial support Subsidies photovoltaics

For the installation of photovoltaic systems there is the possibility to apply for subsidies. Learn more about the funding opportunities in Austria in our information sheet (German only).

You have decided to produce your own electricity? We will be happy to advise you.