Car dealership Staber - the most sustainable car dealership in Upper Carinthia

The Staber car dealership is a household name in Upper Carinthia. After all, the company has been around since 1948 and the Volkswagen brand has been there since 1952. Following extensive modernization, Autohaus Staber is a pioneer in energy efficiency and sustainability. A total of around 4.5 million euros was invested in 2020/2021. At the locations in Spittal and Obervellach, customers can immerse themselves in the modern world of Volkswagen and Audi.

The body shop and paint shop were newly built in Spittal. In the new paint store, around one third of the waste heat can be used in operation. This recovery significantly reduces the heat requirement in the company. The total area in Spittal was expanded by 17%, the enclosed space by 38%. Despite this expansion, the heating requirement has fallen by 75% compared with the original inventory. The expansion of space also includes an enlargement of the tire warehouse, the expansion of office space including checkrooms, as well as new sanitary facilities and generous social and recreation rooms. Vehicle testing has also been made more efficient. A fully digitalized test lane enables rapid testing ("Pickerl"). The car wash was also renovated, reducing water consumption from 120 to 35 liters per wash cycle. The efficient water treatment system also reduces energy costs.

Furthermore, a photovoltaic system with 200 kWp was installed in Spittal - and a system with 105 kWp in Obervellach. The plants cover a large part of the electricity required on site. Likewise, the electric vehicles are charged with solar power. The charging stations in Spittal (up to 150 kW) and Obervellach (up to 75 kW) are also open to the public. The charging stations and the energy concept were supplied by MOON. The complete billing system to the charging stations also comes from MOON. The charging current is green electricity in every case - during the day always from the photovoltaic system and otherwise with 100% green electricity from the regional energy supplier. Environmentally friendly power generation ensures sustainable mobility. "Photovoltaic systems and electrically powered vehicles are now state of the art and the most ecological form of motorized locomotion," emphasizes Rupert Haslinger, MOON project manager.

Photovoltaic systems are an easy way to generate electricity for your own vehicle. In times of rising electricity and energy prices, the "filling station on your own roof" is a hedge against high "fuel costs". With one's own photovoltaic system, an electric vehicle can be charged at around 1 to 2 euros per 100 kilometers. Vehicles charged with green electricity therefore make ecological and economic sense. You can convince yourself of this at any time at Autohaus Staber.

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