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Your charging option for your company in the form of a wallbox

A wallbox is a type of charging station for electric vehicles that is mounted either on a wall or on a pedestal. In contrast to charging facilities in the form of a charging station, which are often found on roads, a wallbox is usually installed at home, at the workplace or in parking garages.

There are various types of wallboxes, which differ in their performance features and price. For example, some wallboxes are capable of charging the vehicle faster than others, while others have additional features such as app control or the ability to monitor the charging process. It is also important to decide whether the wallbox should be placed publicly or can only be used privately. For these cases, differences in terms of compliance with calibration laws exist. 

The benefits of wallboxes for electromobility are manifold. Above all, they offer the possibility of charging the electric vehicle conveniently and easily at home or at work without having to rely on public charging stations. 

When choosing a wallbox, it is worth paying close attention to the various performance features and functions in order to find the right model for your own needs.