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Explore our wallbox charging solutions tailored for your company's needs.

A wallbox serves as a charging station for electric vehicles, mounted either on a wall or a pedestal. Unlike charging stations commonly found along roads, wallboxes are typically installed at home, workplaces, or parking garages.

Wallboxes come in various types, distinguished by performance features and pricing. Some models charge vehicles faster than others, while some offer additional features like app control or real-time monitoring of the charging process. Additionally, it's crucial to determine whether the wallbox will be publicly accessible or restricted to private use, as this affects compliance with calibration laws.

The advantages of wallboxes for electromobility are numerous. Primarily, they provide a convenient and easy way to charge electric vehicles at home or work, eliminating the need to rely on public charging stations.

When selecting a wallbox, careful consideration of its performance features and functionalities is essential to ensure it meets individual needs effectively.