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We fly for you and check the performance! MOONSpection PV-Service

Thermal inspection of PV systems:


MOONSpection is an advanced thermal drone inspection tailored for commissioned photovoltaic systems. Our meticulous  inspection provide you with the assurance that your installation was carried out correctly and without defective components.

Therefore, a drone inspection not only guarantees the quality of your setup immediately after installation but also effectively identifies and locates any issues, including defective components, after years of operation. Given that many module manufacturers offer warranties exceeding 15 years, our proactive approach ensures that potential defects are promptly identified during flight inspections.

Our service at a glance:

  •  Inspection of PV systems by drone
  • Directly after installation as an inspection
  • As a routine inspection after MOON installation
  • As routine inspection of external installation

Your benefits

  • Fast thermography of the PV plant and aerial photos of the plant
  • Detailed damage report for targeted and effective maintenance
  • Higher return on investment/year (no losses due to defective components)
  • Up to 70% faster and 40% cheaper compared to manual inspection


Detectable errors:

  •  Hotspots
  • Defective bypass diodes
  • Failure of entire modules / strings
  • Hail, storm or lightning damage
  • Damage caused by animals
  • Contamination
Product Documentation
Photovoltaic Datasheet

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