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MOON POWER Charging Solutions 

Looking for the right way to charge your electric car at home or at work?

Discover the perfect charging solution tailored to your home or workplace with MOON POWER's expertise and cutting-edge technology.

There are several ways to charge an electric vehicle. The most common and convenient method is charging at home using a wallbox connected to the mains. These can be installed either in the garage or outside the house. Most often, wallboxes are AC charging stations (alternating current) that can charge up to 22 kW, depending on the car.

The second option provides a mobile charging solution in the form of a charging cable. Just like a permanently installed wallbox, our POWER2Go charging cable with up to 11 kW charges your electric car anywhere you have electricity. All that is needed is a (high voltage) power outlet. The cable is the perfect solution for those who do not have a permanently installed charging station either at home or at work.

The third method is charging at charging stations, which can be found at various locations such as company parking lots, parking garages, shopping centers or gas stations. In addition to slow chargers (the AC charging stations) fast charging stations or DC charging stations (direct current) are used. Here, our products allow charging at up to 300 kW


MOON POWER is proud to announce a 3-year warranty extension on numerous charging products within both the AC and DC ranges. All our chargers are meticulously designed for both private and public environments, boasting rugged housings and premium finishes tailored to each application. This extended warranty encompasses most of our bestsellers, serving as a significant competitive edge in the market

The following products have 36 a month warranty