SKODA Windischbauer reduces electricity costs with PV systems and charging solutions from MOON

SKODA Windischbauer stands out as one of Upper Austria's leading companies in embracing progressive energy solutions. In 2017, the company expanded its operations with a new facility situated in the Münzfeld industrial estate, located north of Gmunden. Right from the outset, a forward-thinking decision was made to harness the power of solar energy for the new premises, with the installation of a photovoltaic system. Building upon this commitment, SKODA Windischbauer has further elevated its sustainability efforts by outfitting all available roof spaces with additional photovoltaic systems provided by MOON. These combined systems now boast a total output of 100 kWp, capable of generating approximately 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Enhancing their green initiative, a significant portion of this solar energy is stored in a substantial electricity storage unit with a capacity of 70 kWh. This strategic approach ensures that stored electricity remains accessible during evening and nighttime hours, effectively covering peak demands. Notably, the implementation of this storage system markedly boosts self-consumption of solar power during the day while concurrently mitigating power peaks from the grid. Consequently, SKODA Windischbauer has achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in its electricity bill. Moreover, in alignment with their sustainability ethos, the company predominantly charges its fleet of electric vehicles using this environmentally friendly solar energy.


"With the integration of both the photovoltaic system and the electricity storage unit, solar power becomes readily accessible throughout the day and night, ensuring continuous availability."

Rupert Haslinger, Project manager at MOON POWER

The electric vehicles have the convenience of charging options both within the workshop premises and outside. Outside, there is an AC charging station equipped with four charging points, each delivering 11 kW of power (Type 2), primarily intended for internal use. Additionally, a publicly accessible fast charging station with a capacity of 75 kW (CCS) is available for rapid charging needs.

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