Sustainable viticulture - Polz winery in southern Styria

Sustainability has become the catchphrase of our era. While many associate it solely with environmental conservation, its significance goes far beyond that. The true essence of "sustainability" is vividly demonstrated at Weingut Polz in Southern Styria.

This esteemed winery in Strass is dedicated to implementing ecological, social, and economic principles consistently. Erich Polz emphasizes, "An ecological focus for the winery ensures the longevity of approximately 50 jobs." Almost the entire vineyard spanning nearly 80 hectares is cultivated using exclusively organic methods. "This approach allows us to elevate the quality of our wines with unwavering consistency," Erich Polz adds, underscoring, "Our commitment extends to the iconic wines sourced from premier vineyard sites such as Grassnitzberg, Hochgrassnitzberg, or Obegg."

In recent years, the winery has not only steadfastly pursued ecological practices in the vineyard and cellar but has also placed a significant emphasis on enhancing energy efficiency within its buildings. This endeavor has led to further reductions in energy costs, with energy now being generated in an environmentally friendly manner. Since last year, the installation of 318 solar modules with a combined capacity of 127.2 kWp on the roof surfaces has been instrumental in this effort. This photovoltaic system produces approximately 140,000 kilowatt-hours annually. Consequently, there has been a notable decrease in reliance on external electricity sources, replaced instead by sustainable solar power. Moreover, solar energy is utilized for charging both the winery's fleet of electric vehicles and those belonging to customers. The public charging stations are accessible 24/7, offering two wall boxes with 11 kW each alongside two additional wall boxes boasting 30 kW capacities. These 30 kW charging stations deliver direct current, facilitating significantly faster charging times.

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"The Polz winery stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism in the region. Vehicles powered by solar or green electricity represent the epitome of eco-friendly mobility within the automotive industry."

Rupert Haslinger, Project Manager at MOON Power - a subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg

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