SEAT Harb car dealership - A complete solution for a sustainable future

The SEAT Harb car dealership in Weiz, Styria, is making a bold statement for a sustainable future by implementing a holistic solution from MOON POWER. This solution encompasses photovoltaic system, energy storage, and charging stations. Christian Harb, the managing director of SEAT Harb, has chosen this comprehensive approach to pave the way for a greener future.

Expanding upon their existing PV system, the dealership has added a new system with a capacity of 400.12 kWp and installed a battery storage units (150 kW / 210 kWh) to maximize the efficiency of the generated energy. Additionally, an energy management system (EMS) has been implemented to optimize energy distribution and charging control for electric vehicles.

The dealership uses the green energy generated by the PV to charge electric vehicles on-site. To facilitate rapid and efficient charging, they have installed a Hypercharger fast charging station with a capacity of 300 kW, along with five AC charging stations, each providing 44 kW. Future plans include further investment in charging infrastructure to meet the growing demand driven by increased electromobility. Additional charging points are earmarked for the parking garage, which will include both AC wall boxes (11 kW) and DC wall boxes (50 kW) to provide charging capabilities.

By embracing a comprehensive energy solution from MOON POWER, SEAT Harb dealership is at the forefront of electromobility. It recognizes that only through the use of clean electricity, electric vehicles can truly achieve their full sustainability potential. SEAT Harb's adoption of MOON POWER's energy concept demonstrates that running an environmentally conscious operation can indeed be successful.

Technical data overview:

  • Existing PV system: 62 kWp capacity.
  • New PV system: enhanced capacity of 400.12 kWp.
  • Battery storage: power rating of 150 kW with a capacity of 210 kWh.
  • ASKI energy management system integration.
  • Hypercharger: delivering a formidable 300 kW (2x150 kW).
  • Five AC charging stations (Type 2T44): providing a total of 20 charging points at 11 kW each.
  • Planned expansion of charging infrastructure in theparking garage: featuring both 11 kW AC wall boxes and 50 kW DC wall boxes.
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