&Charge meets MOON - an electrifying cooperation

MOON POWER GmbH and &Charge GmbH cooperate to further improve the quality of the charging infrastructure

MOON POWER recently started cooperating with &Charge - the first and only platform in Europe that combines user engagement with value-added services around electric vehicle charging. As part of the joint "Challenges", users of &Charge have the opportunity to rate MOON charging stations in Austria and leave valuable feedback, e.g. on functionality or cleanliness, via the &Charge app.

A successfully completed challenge is then rewarded with 10 &Charge kilometers. These can be redeemed for free charging at cooperating traction power providers or for rewards such as Amazon vouchers or similar in the &Charge app.


Shopping, charging and collecting kilometers at Kreisler

In addition to solving the challenges, kilometers can also be collected by shopping at Kreisler's on-store. For every euro spent, one kilometer is credited. The number of kilometers collected during the purchase can be seen at the bottom of the receipt. To transfer the kilometers to one's own kilometer account in the &Charge app, all that is required after downloading and registering in the &Charge app is to scan the QR code shown on the receipt with the smartphone. You can find out what else is behind the innovative supermarket here. Drop by for a quick "on-charge" in beautiful Veit in southern Styria.


About &Charge:

&Charge is the only platform in Germany and Europe that combines smart user engagement with value-added services related to electric car charging. The free &Charge app can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. After registering once, you have the opportunity to collect &Charge kilometers and redeem them for free charging power. You can collect kilometers throughout Europe by shopping in more than 1,500 online stores or by completing so-called "&Charge Challenges". The aim is to rate charging stations, for example. It's not just about the technical functionality or usability of the charging infrastructure, but also about the environment of the charging locations. &Charge kilometers are credited for completing a challenge. Furthermore, the &Charge app offers comprehensive information on charging stations, regarding surrounding offers, availability and other facts worth knowing, which improve the overall charging experience. As an alternative to the app, registration and login are also possible on the homepage www.and-charge.com. Once enough free kilometers have been collected, your next charge will automatically be paid for with &Charge kilometers once you have connected your user account once with a cooperating traction power provider. In addition, it is also possible to redeem the collected kilometers for vouchers (EnBW mobility+; Charge my Hyundai, Plugsurfing, etc.) or to donate them to charity. You will not incur any costs for this in your monthly charging bill or in any other way. One free kilometer is equivalent to 0,08€. So what are you waiting for? Register, solve challenges at the MOON stations, collect free kilometers and charge for free!

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