Single family house in PV crystal look

Black Beauty on the roof:

The building envelope is staggered in three levels, with the top level designed as a "photovoltaic crystal". Elegant black solar modules have been integrated into the façade and roof. It is thus a BIPV ("Building Integrated PV") project, designed from the ground up as such.

PV and storage:

The architectural firm from Thalgau designed this special building. The aim was to integrate the solar modules into the façade and roof as efficiently as possible in order to generate as much electricity as possible. The PV energy satisfies both the electricity and heating needs in the building. Electric vehicles also charge the kilowatt-hours into their batteries. Balancing electricity generation and consumption takes place through a large lithium-ion storage system.

421 Square meter black moduls:

The building concept was developed and erected in cooperation with MOON POWER. The solar modules integrated into the facade and roof have a total output of 47.69 kWp. The black modules from Ertex Solar are located on the entire roof and around the entire top facade - including the northern facade areas. The solar modules occupy an area of around 421 m².

Colored blind modules at the corners:

Blind modules of the same color were installed on the corner elements to ensure the overall appearance of a "photovoltaic crystal". The conversion of direct current and three-phase current is performed by two 17 kVA inverters from Solaredge. This allows the building owner to monitor generation at the module level. The annual electricity generation in the planning was around 40,000 kWh.

Almost 94% self-consumption:

Due to the location in the foothills of the Alps, an electricity generation of just under 36,600 kWh was achieved in the first year. This results in a specific electricity yield of 767 kWh per kWp - across all areas. The self-consumption quota is 93.7% and the autarky quota achieves a value of 69.4%. The high value is achieved by a storage system from VARTA. The storage system is 75 kWh in size and has a charging and discharging capacity of 36 kW.

The PV system is part of an overall energy concept for this new building:

  • PV system Ertex/SolarEdge: 47.69 kWp
  • Storage system Varta including emergency power supply: 36 kW / 75 kWh
  • Heat pump deep drilling Hoval
  • Heating rod Hoval heating: 7,5 kW
  • Heating rod Hoval hot water: 8,5 kW
  • 2x AC wallboxes: 22 kW (1x Tesla & 1x MOON POWER Wallbox Connect)
  • Energy and load management system ASKI with integration of all above mentioned consumers and generators.

The system is perfectly adjusted for high self-consumption use and energy efficiency.

The entire system is modular, which ensures the recyclability and repairability of the system. The substructure is made of steel and aluminum. All components are bolted together. Nothing is welded or glued (no sandwich structures), which makes everything dismountable.

We will be happy to advise you if you are also looking for an overall energy concept!

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