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POWER Charger 200-400 DC

POWER Charger 200-400 DC

The charging solution for today's fast charging.
The POWER Charger from Alpitronic is the right solution for fast charging. The charger is suitable for internal use as well as for (semi)public use. The modular design of the system allows a later upgrade to a higher charging power.

Upon request

The natural evolution of charge management.

MOON POWER offers corporate customers individual charging stations for their entry into e-mobility.  

Craftsmanship High Quality. Stylish.

The beautifully designed and intelligent charging station from Alpitronic is an absolute eye-catcher. The modular design of the system allows to respond to your needs and quickly deliver a customized solution without compromising on performance or quality.


Power Up to 400 kW charging power. Hypercharger.

Power is available over almost the entire range from 150 to 1000 V. All common charging standards can be configured - including the cooled charging cable with CCS plug. 

Operation Clear. Simple.

In the integrated 15 inch screen, the operation is made easy for you and you can follow the loading process exactly. Optionally, advertising can also be placed on the screen.

Security Warranty service.

For the POWER Charger 200-400, MOON offers a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Optionally, the warranty can also be extended to 36 months.

Safe & Fast Charging

Charging protocol

International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 15693 standardized requirements and key points for line-based fast charging stations.

Save electricity

With dynamic load management, electricity is always distributed correctly.

Charging processes

Suitable solution for fast charging with the CCS plug.

Technical Data
POWER Charger 400 DC
Please refer to the product datasheet for technical data.