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Is there a more beautiful symbol than the moon? Our origin story

Once upon a time... idea of Robert Steinböck, a trained electrical engineer who worked in the Real Estate Company Construction Department at Porsche Holding in December 2015. His vision: to establish the "CO2-free infrastructure business field" in Porsche Holding, analogous to companies such as Porsche Informatik or Porsche Bank. However, several years passed before this was achieved, during which many people wondered why electrical engineering was important. This was despite the fact that shortly before, on December 12, 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was signed, the primary goal of which is to limit global warming to well below two degrees Celsius. Without a CO2-free infrastructure, however, this is impossible.

In December, Wilfried Weitgasser, Managing Director of Porsche Austria, also saw great potential in the electromobility sector and offered Robert Steinböck the position of department head for this new area within Porsche Austria. From then on, Robert Steinböck pursued the vision of climate protection via the efficient use of energy with just one other employee.

At the same time, Allmobil GmbH was founded as a Porsche Holding company for innovations and strategy topics. After a few months, Robert Steinböck's team of ten, which saw itself as a kind of start-up, was attached to it. As a lighthouse project under the name "Allmobil Electra" with Wilfried Weitgasser at the helm, they worked on a path to sustainability and climate protection via the efficient use of energy. It was clear to the managing director and Robert Steinböck: It is a question of both the transformation of mobility and the transformation in the entire energy sector - away from fossil fuels and towards clean electricity. Therefore, holistic intelligent energy management systems are indispensable, which include the installation of charging stations for electric cars, photovoltaic systems and battery storage.

Robert Steinböck "For the first time in the history of the automobile, you can produce and store your own fuel - charging is the business model of the future."

While work on a long-term strategy was ongoing, the first partnerships and projects were already realized in 2017. The lighthouse project of Porsche Holding was strengthened by Volkswagen's commitment to becoming the first automotive manufacturer to become climate-neutral by 2050.

While the importance of electromobility was rapidly increasing in society's perception, the right partner for supplying the charging infrastructure was already in place.

Creation of the MOON POWER brand

The genesis of the Porsche brand began just as electrically as that of our MOON POWER GmbH: In 1898, Ferdinand Porsche, who later became the founder of Porsche, designed the so-called wheel hub motor, an electric motor that sits directly in the wheel and turns the wheels. This was the world's first all-wheel drive car! Porsche applied for a patent on the motor. In July 1971, more than 70 years later, this type of drive was reactivated and served as a template for the first car on the moon, the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). Since there is no oxygen for combustion engines on the moon, cars have to be powered by a battery. So hardly any symbol could be more fitting for electromobility than the moon. Thus, since 2018, all products and services of Allmobil GmbH have been marketed under the brand name MOON POWER.

The competence center for electromobility: MOONCITY

The exciting journey to the moon has begun. But how can this be visualized? The answer is a fascinating place that makes electromobility tangible for everyone and acts as a competence center for the energy transition - the MOONCITY.

After a two-year strategy phase, the electrifying mobility center in Salzburg opened in December 2019. Since then, it's not just the little ones who have been taking a trip to the moon at MOONCITY. Everyone can learn about the inner workings of an electric car or the function of a charging station there. New knowledge about the dominant future car drive is explained in a playful way.

MOON POWER as an independent company

The success and interest in the MOONCITY is impressive. Electromobility has long been an integral part of the automotive industry. For this reason, it quickly became clear that the development of holistic energy concepts must be in the hands of an independent company. As a result, MOON POWER GmbH was founded in Salzburg in October 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg. At that time, it already had 23 employees. MOONCITY in Salzburg serves as the company's headquarters to this day.

Foundation of MOON POWER Deutschland GmbH

In order to supply the German market more specifically with energy concepts, MOON POWER Deutschland GmbH was founded in January 2022 in Eching near Munich, as a 100% subsidiary of MOON POWER GmbH in Salzburg. Markus Tatzer has acted as managing director of both companies since the beginning.


The potential of MOON POWER was already recognized in other parts of Europe before the company was founded. Thus, it came to the establishment of franchise companies since 2019. By now, MOON POWER is represented in 20 different countries. In addition to the independent limited liability companies in Austria and Germany MOON exists in: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Singapur, Malaysia.

By now 60 employees have implemented various projects in these countries in recent years, which include the successful installations of over 4000 charging stations, 70 photovoltaic systems as well as 25 energy storage systems.

The history of the Porsche brand began electrically - MOON POWER continues it. And now, join us on the journey to the moon. Join the movement!